The Last Dragon..The Return of the Glo

Finally after years later New Line Cinema has begun the next chapter of the classic movie The Last Dragon.
Leroy has lost his wife from a unexplained accident Laura Charles Green.He struggles to hold on to his sanity after loosing his dojo and trying to find peace again.Leroys father needs a heart transplant so his brother Richie talks him into getting in a fight tournament.Meanwhile Ted Arcadian played by Robert Dinero older brother of Eddie runs a drug Cartel and runs the fight tournament.Ted wants to put Leroy against a KungFu Master who is possess by a God of Dark Chi played by Micheal Jai White.Leroy must face a new enemy and be reunited with a old one ShoNuff played by Wesley Snipes.
Joined by many more Actors and Release set 2019. In 2D and 3D.
Lol I made this all up but I wish it was true created by Tory Coleman