Tony Abbott speech leaves many speechless

Tony Abbott’s speech this week at the totally neutral Global Warming Policy Foundation (previously John Howard and George Pell have spoken there, to illustrate its neutrality) has sent the left into a spin.

Mr Abbott’s brilliantly worded and faultlessly delivered address has, as expected, led many to speculate on the level of his intelligence.

Hitting the mark most effectively were Mr Abbott’s undeniable points, upon which his rock solid argument is based. These include:

• Global warming doesn’t exist.

• Global warming does exist.

• Global warming might exist, and if it does, then it’s a good thing it does.

• Temperatures aren’t rising.

• Of course temperatures are rising.

• Warm temperatures never hurt anyone.

• Warm temperatures kill less people than cold temperatures.

• Something about “trace gas”.

Unsurprisingly, scientists have been left speechless.