unbelievable things happen to Asian

Asian man Tao Chung Che had lots done to him in 1 night. Tao was partying in the club until he got kicked out. He was eating to much sushi and dog. He was then captured and brought to the back. He was then rapped and got thrown into the back of a truck. They used a rope to tie his feet and arms together and was hooked to the back of a car. Then the driver rented an hour at a drifting course. He was on the being dragged the whole time. The rope then snapped right as the his a speed bump at full speed sending Tao forward and landing directly in front of the speeding car and got ran over. The he was sniped by a passenger in the car. Tao will not be missed. The town hated him so much they filled him with gasoline and everyone had a match to add.