Unidentified Family Slaine or Possibly Missing in Mesa Neighborhood

Panic ensued in a Mesa Neighborhood today, at precisely 12:23 P.M. in the afternoon Mesa police were alerted to an incident by a distressed neighbor reporting that they heard “otherworldly screams, and low rumbling” coming from the next door neighbor’s home.

As the operator quickly dispatched officers to the scene, the household was discovered to be covered in the grisly remains of as of yet yet unidentified victims. It is unreported as to the origin of the remains discovered at the home as no identifying forensic information has been developed, and no undamaged identifying documentation has been discovered at the scene. Each television inside the household was reported to be loudly playing static from an unused and unidentified television station. Officers at the scene reported experiencing nausea and migraines, and as reported we are unable to provide any more details on the incident at this time. A crime scene was unable to be established, as law enforcement officials believe the scene to be contaminated with radioactive material.

Crime scene investigators mentioned to journalists at the scene to be wary of looking into the night sky and upon further questioning abruptly beganleaving the scene and refusing to answer further questions. More details to be reported as they are made available and released to the public.