Westchester Man Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Rape

Robert Brett Dente, a Tuckahoe resident has made accusations that media Mogul, Harvey Weinstein raped him several times in 2015, after meeting him at a Chipotle restaurant in Yonkers. Weinstein, 65, of New York City allegedly bribed Dente with cars and other lavish gifts. Court statements show that anal sex was not consensual. Weinstein also accused of performing oral sex on Mr. Dente in exchange for money and a local Snapple Route. Mr. Dente and Weinstein would often get together at Mr Weinstein’s luxury box at Yankee Stadium where he would perform the majority of his sexual acts on Dente, 32. Several guests of Weinstein, in his luxury box said he would not hide his love for Robert Dente, performing these acts right in front of his friends and family.

Mr. Dente can not currently find his anus. If found, please call the Tuckahoe Police or contact Mr. Dente directly at 914-804-6816.