Young women Running for Alderman

Ericka is the youngest in charge. For yrs she had set on the board with President Obama. Now she’s taking matters into her own hands she has decided to run for alderman. She has came up with ways to stop by he violence. She has came up with ways to teach these children about real African history. She has raised enough money to take 50 children to travel the world for 6 months. She has also raised money for the pimps and hoes. Now that’s 290 shit 😊🀘🏾. So vote for her if you wanna get your funds up because from the words. Of the very great lud foe”if you are on that opp shit you get mop sticked”. And I leave you’ll with my favorite quote ” If i see you and i don’t speak that means i don’t fuck with you. Im a boss you are a worker I make bloody moves.