22 year old mother found stabbed to death

This single mother of three was found in a friends home unresponsize . On December 18th , 2017 at 10:38pm Katina Hines had 7 stab wombs to the neck , chest , back & leg . She was pronounced dead at the scene . Many people dont know why this would happen to her . ” She had many friends and family that loved her dearly , i dont understand this . ” Says a high school friend of Katina Hines . Many people believe that the girlfriend of her husband may be a possibile suspect , due to an affair her husband had last year of november 2016 . But , we’re unsure and trying to find out where her husband may be .

We are still searching for her possibile killer at this point . No names nor suspects are convicted at this time . Far as her three beautiful kids we were told the father is no longer around and the kids are placed in state care until further notice .

If you have any clue as to what might have happen to Mrs. Hines you are to call down to Louisville Metro Department .