Berri Wells CEO of The Coaches Corner and Turning Point is currently updating its pages and competitive packages to services. We also provide DiSC assessments if you need it!

Please follow me on my The Coaches Corner and Berri Wells, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedlin pages. Currently, my team is updating all my social media pages. My December 14,2017 “Coaches Corner” event held at UMBC was a smash informative HIT.

Still wondering why you are not getting any calls for an interview? That resume is your 1st, 2nd and third reasons why! My team recently researched how important employment prospects are loosing out during the interview process,when they are unable to READ the Interviewer. We also offer competitive packages for those of you needing coaching, training, resume writing review expertise.

Send me an email at if YOU need help! We offer payment plans for those needing assistance, with a structured assistance plan, to get you back on track.