Bob Bangert Park to be Renamed to Sanders Wildlife Refuge

The process of renaming Bob Bangert Park has passed its final hurdle. The new name will honor a local man who has made wildlife conservation his passion. The park will be renamed to Sander Wildlife Refuge will honor Glenn Sanders for his commitment to the protection and sustainment of wildlife and hunters and fishermens rights. Glenn is a former Conservation Officer for IDNR and current President of Mississippi Valley Hunters & Fishermen Association, who will be doing to work to restore the park. The park has not been used for many years to the full capacity due to the high water table and Mississippi River flooding. Glenn and MVHFA over the next 3-5 years will be planting new trees and plenty of other work to turn the park into a wildlife refuge. the club as already done a lot of work in the Quincy Bay refuge. Glenn is also the founding member of Team Sand Ridge a local waterfowl hunting group. Glenn founded Team Sand Ridge to teach youth ethical hunting practice.