BREAKING NEWS: Big Changes Coming to Baltimore City, MD

Kenneth thank you not just Baltimore, but the world as a Black Man of olive color brown skin strong being without fear to say what too many of status to position in front on the line remain silent. 2018, from Baltimore to Chicago and other major cities, many of us who are “Real Lion” are getting ready to roar across this nation to wake up our people and speak of those who seem Black, but stand in the doorways of justice like Alabama Governor George C. Wallace in 1963, a white man. Black people, like you Kenneth we must fix our own problems and issues just like violence in our homes and streets. The political policies of those in the City of Baltimore do not serve us, but are acts against us.

2018, is changed year! I shall ride and rise with you my young brother! Business in Baltimore City is not for us, about us or too us. Lots of cover-up and help for anyone who clips a dollar to see them in. It is now time to do more than just call out the selfish political negroes who close 5 black schools, bus those children to the County lines, while telling Big white givers, we shall build you a new middle and high school with everything you need, while a Black child like teachers find themselves out of a job or a school that lacks all the basics while whites kids get it all. Change Shall Come with a hell of a price in 2018 and 2020. STAY TUNED!