California Wild Fires Due to Rampant Liberalism

Just as the Vegas Massacre was blamed on white supremacy and bad political policy, now Liberals have invoked the wrath of God within their home state of California. With views and policy changes that churn the stomach of most fiction writers, actual truth has now become stranger than fiction. With unchecked liberals running amok in California, attempting to skew the very image of common sense, God has now brought down his fury upon Californians in a show of force.

Decimating countless hectares of open field, consuming homes and forcing populations to flee certain areas of California. These wild fires are running unopposed, through California, even though firefighters are struggling to contain the spread of destruction. Many firefighters have been taken out of rotation to seek medical aid and even one civilian was killed by the unstoppable inferno.

“They want to blame the slaughter of innocent people in Vegas on a political motive? They want to blame Texas for supporting Trump? Then I guess it’s California’s turn since they have been the tip-of-the-spear for Liberal ideals that promote nothing good in our Country.” Said Phillip of Columbia, SC. “The shoe’s now on the other foot, and God has a way of making you take notice.”

Currently, the weather forecast for California shows that rain is not expected for over a week as the fires continue to eat through land, homes and the very firefighters that are battling the blaze. Is this a hint that Liberals should take? Maybe common sense tactics and nurturing our own people, instead of bringing in more that refuse to learn our language, refuse to learn our culture and refuse to assimilate with us to make us a stronger people, is a better solution than what is currently being utilized over in SJW-Liberal-Land.

-Article by: James Merckin. 12/07/2017