Coaches Corner-UMBC Columbia, MD 2017 Event December 14, 2017 @ 5-:00 pm tp 9:00 pm

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President, Turning Point Solutions
Founder, Coaches Corner

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December 1, 2017

Easing Career Transition for Professionals
Full Service Event for Job Changers – Registration is Now Open
COLUMBIA, MD, December 14, 2017- “Coaches Corner”, the career and match making conference for professionals, age 45+ at UMBC Training Centers, Columbia, MD. Since its inception in June 2016, over 350 attendees have benefited from this free community event that includes structured networking, laser workshops, coaching demonstrations and a panel discussion. Berri Wells, CPC, MS President of Turning Point Solutions and Coaches Corner Founder states, “Christmas and the holidays are a great time for job changers to network their way to their next position. Our December event will focus on developing a marketing mindset and networking know-how as we inform and inspire job changers with tools and strategies to negotiate job search challenges”.
This free conference for mid-level to senior executives is like no other event targeting this population as we provide several services in a compressed time frame. Professionals who are currently involved in a job search or anticipate a job change within the next 18 months due to retirement, will surely benefit.
Wells also states, “Coaches Corner is a unique partnership crossing multiple sectors of Higher Ed, small business, Fortune 100 and a Maryland State agency – collaborating to educate and equip boomers and older Gen Xers to effectively compete.
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