Deranged Egyptian woman raids local butcher

On the 13th of December at approximately 10 p.m., local law enforcement responded to a butcher shop after receiving reports of screaming and growling. Upon arrival, officers witnessed a gruesome display of hunger and violence. One officer said, ” I have never been so afraid for my life before”. Reportedly, there were animal parts slung all around the inside of the shop and, all of the glass showcases for the various cuts had been broken. The subject was identified as Alya Elsayed Ali. Who has been known to eat very bloody steaks and to be very violent when she is hungry. She is a Virginia Beach resident and has been living in the Hampton Roads area for the better part of her life. Upon arrest Ms. Ali uttered, “grrgaarraaggrraaaggrraaaarrr more meat….”. She is currently receiving professional care at the norfolk sentara hospital for an advanced iron deficiency. Her boyfriend Mr. Ryan Dougherty, declined to comment and simply shrugged is shoulders. Officers gathered from his reaction that this not the first time her blood craving took control.