Downfall of YouTuber “CyanFroakie”

Recent studies show many Froakies are turned out to be 100% gay!The government have been keeping an eye on a particular Froakie name “Sebastian Booth” who was in fact hitting on his father.Many have found this to be both Disturbing and Perverted.He had a YouTube channel and a few media accounts which was “Hacked” by anonymous people.Sebastion stated,”He doesn’t know how and why he got hacked” which was turned out to be false therefore caused the loss of friends and trust.The “Hacking” was said to be staged by his few year young Girlfriend but it’s hard to believe that due to Sebastian leaking his personal information out to the public for someone to change a thumbnail on a video.This was the downfall of the CyanFroakie children Fanbase in which caused him to separate himself from many of his friends and such.He still has his 11 year old girlfriend who digs perverted men like him as said in an interview.He is also an attention seeker as said by many discord users and they gave their words on that.We aren’t given more information about his whereabouts but all we can say is this Froakie sure is hella gay for his dad.Sebastion Booth’s Quote of the Year: “My Dad is pretty hot”.This is CNN with all news around the world.