Draining The Swamp in Public Education

Donald Trump announced today that he will be focusing on to fixing the failing public educaiton system as part of his Make America Great Again agenda.

Specifically he is meeting with the Governers of typically liberal leaning states like California, Oregon, and Washington to see what help he can lend from Washington DC.

Some ideas he has suggested would be to turn around failing schools and make them great. He is a strong propenent of making things great and this would be no exception.

When asked for specifics Trump replied “I see you all would love to know my secrets, but I am not that dumb. If I tell you then our enemies could make their schools great and then take our jobs”. He went on to say “It doesn’t matter what I tell you guys anyway because you just print lies like you always do”.

Once again President Trump is showing why he got elected and how he can outsmart the drive-by media.