EA Goes out of business, blames the people

On December 16th, EA IS Going out of the business. After the flop with their new game: ” Battlefront II “, EA’s stock decreased, sending it down. With EA Shutting Down, Almost 40 companies owned by EA Will be set free, and promise to make their own games to ” Make-Up ” For the chaos EA Has caused in the last years. Vince Zampella of Respawn studios had to say this: ” Honestly, it’s good to have our own project ”
However, Electronic Arts has become quite upset with this notion, as they thought they would last for years and Years. As EA Chairman: Larry Probst said this: ” It’s the peoples faults! We could’ve lasted for years if they hadn’t used the Internet! Battlefront II Was a GREAT game and always will be. It’s their fault, and they’ll be crawling back to us in no time! ”
With this notion EA Games servers will most likely be shut down 12/20/17
Game Shut down will be:
Battlefield I
Star Wars Battlefront
And many more will be shut down forever, unless purchased by another company.