EA Goes out of business, blames the people

On 12/15/17, EA’s stocks finally dropped, sending them out of the gaming industry. At least 40 Gaming companies bought by EA Were freed, and are now beginning to work on their own projects as ” Redemption ” for the Chaos EA Has caused. Whilst these companies And the Employees of EA Cheer, EA Chairman: Larry Probst has stated: ” It’s not our fault. we needed money! These foolish customers have crossed us, and now, lose all of their favorite games! They’ll be crawling back to us to re-form in no time! ” While this quote has gotten much Negative attention, FCC President Ajit Pai has claimed that he agrees with EA, Stating: ” I mean, if we’re shutting down Net Neutrality, we obviously need more expensive companies to help! ” This quote has also received much hate, as it seems ‘ selfish ‘.

In other news, EA Servers on hit games such as:
Battlefield I
Titanfall II
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Sim City Builder
And many others will be shut down on 12/20/17.