Kumba is getting torn down and replaced with new roller coaster

The Kumba roller coaster, located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida, is getting torn down and replaced with a new roller coaster. This new roller coaster will be named Oscar’s Wacky Taxi, which is a mirror image of the new roller coaster located at Sesame Place, by the same name. The major reason why this 1993 Bolliger and Mabillard is getting replaced is because of the petition to tear it down. The petition, made by username, GFBIGFAN, has gotten enough votes to convince the park to tear it down. In the recent years, it was known as bad ride. It was supposedly known as one of the world’s greatest coasters in the earlier years. But now, mainly on the Reddit community, many Reddit users have been posting and commenting things like, “Kumba Sucks.” The manufacterer of Oscar’s Wacky Taxi will be manufactered by “The Gravity Group” of Cincinatti, Ohio. The last day of operation of the “Kumba” roller coaster will be in April 20, the opening date of this coaster. So get your last rides in before Kumba becomes No-mba.