Local Maryland Family File “FIRST” ever Lawsuit for Credit Breach case that includes Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and U.S. government as Defendants with All 3 Three Credit Bureaus

BREAKING NEWS: Local Maryland Family File FIRST ever lawsuit For Credit Breach Case that includes FTC, CFPB and US Govt.
Dr. Keenan Cofield and Family Members file in Baltimore City, MD Circuit Court a lawsuit against all three (3) Credit Bureaus, The Federal Trade Commission, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
(Free-Press-Release.com) December 6, 2017 — On October 25, 2017, the United States Attorneys Office in Baltimore moved to transfer this to the United States District Court in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the FIRST private civil lawsuit filed, whereas the United States Government, and both the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and all three (3) Credit Bureaus are Defendants for the breach, mixed file and other issues that affected each Plaintiff(s) credit, credit rating, points, and denial of credit due to inaccurate or incorrect information being reported.
The lawsuit says, the Federal Trade Commission nor the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau never cracked down on the three credit bureaus on better protection of consumers credit files, profiles and information.
The Plaintiffs seek specific to unspecified damages. Settlement talks are being discussed between some parties.
Office of the Supreme GRAND Bishop
Dr. Keenan Cofield-SGB