Matt Bousfield awarded MBE for ‘PERM OF THE YEAR’.

Local face Matt Bousfield, well known for his long lucious curling brown-ish dark locks, has been awarded ‘PERM of the Year’ by Her Majesty the Queen.
Matt, 73, of Wendover says; “I am totally gobsmacked, shocked and amazed that I have been recognised finally for the work I have done with my hair! Wow!’
“It took me a long time, many pots of gel, many different shaped hair brushes to actually achieve this style, and now I am there, I’ll never look back!
When asked what his favourite animal was, unsurprisingly, he said ‘A Hare of course!’ to much laughter from the huge crowd of three people, there to see Matt grab his award!
Matt, who was once married to Katy Perry for 11 minutes, has stated he will hand over any moneys made from his award to Charlities for the Bereft, Ginger and Lonely in recognition of his brother.
We all wish Matt the very best for the New Year, after all his partying, this editor reckons he will surely be needing….hair of the dog!
What a wonderfully heart warming, if not a little Hair raising, story for the season eh readers?
Hair joke.