MrBossFTW terminated from YouTube.

It is a glorious day for all GTA fans as the clickbaiter ‘MrBossFTW’ has been banned from the popular video sharing site YouTube.
The termination was declared early morning, as fans of the bestselling Grand Theft Auto V have woken up to see the bane of their existence completely swept from the site.
We speak to Rockstar Games to see their part in the decision to end MrBossFTW’s YouTube career.
“We were sick and tired of him putting our game in a horrible light” said Rockstar Games, “so we contacted the chaps at YouTube and saw if they could do anything, and now, fans of the franchise can die happy.”
Other GTA ‘YouTubers’ such as Pyrerealm Gaming have reacted happily to this, as clickbait is no longer a large part of the GTA community.