Mrs. Potts becomes Emperor of The Time-Space Continuum

Mrs. Potts, Disney character in the movie Beauty and the Beast and emoji in the bible “Disney Emoji Blitz” has became the Emperor of Earth and the rest of the time-space continuum. After all the borders on the planet exploded, the entire planet became a country and Mrs. Potts won in a landslide. After a great inauguration ceremony in the Walt Disney World (which is now the planet’s capital along with Disney resorts in Anaheim, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, & Hong Kong) Mrs. Potts has spoken out on many things, like supporting fashion brand Lululemon Athletica, and maintaining business in the avocado farming industry. “Mrs. Potts is a great leader!” Former British PM Theresa May exclaimed this Friday. Will the Potts be a good leader for the rest of humanity?