Pigweed Surprising Crop

Pigweed. Farmers hate it, especially southern farmers. One Arkansas farmer was murdered over a dispute when his neighbors sprayed illegal Dicambra to kill pigweed. Farmers hate it because each plant makes millions of seeds. One pigweed left undestroyed can fill a field with the useless weeds in no time.

But one man in the small town of Goshen, Alabama loves pigweed. For him it’s a godsend. What was once a noxious weed has become his cash crop and his life couldn’t be better, sort of.

Like the Arkansas murder victim, Billy Bob (not his real name) has a problem with his neighbors spraying Dicambra. He has protected his special field for now, but he worries that it’s just a matter of time before spray drift wipes out that field and his livelihood.

He’s worried because he can’t really talk to his neighbors about his problem. If he did, they would want to see his special field and that would let the cat out of the bag. That could be a bigger problem because what he’s doing might not be legal.

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