President Donald Trump Coming to the Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is in for surprise of there life’s. Donald Trump will be heading to the valley to speak about jobs that he’s created . And about immigration. Donald Trump quotes that there too many bad hombres and too many woman that come to our country just to live off our government. He also mentions about woman that get too many food stamps and use them in drive thrus just to buy junk food for themselves and for other people. Trump says he doesn’t understand why people get so many food stamps . But yet drive Escalades , Bmw’s , and other exotic vehicles. Trump promises to change the Rio Grande Valley within a couple of months . He states by Jan. 1.2018 . There will be a big change. And that the Valley Will have to give him the respect he deserves. Even if he has to grab everyone by the p***y. Trump promises also there will be 300 ft. border wall built . Therefore that every valley resident will have to pay for. No matter what. In Trumps last words he says . Mojados of the valley I’m coming for you.