Purple Brothers

Who are these Purple Brothers ??
Are they gods come down to earth or just human beings endowed with a power comparable to Jesus Christ ???
Today here in the editorial office I have received movies about real miracles and the technicians of Quantico scientific have confirmed the validity!
Their music that touches the strings of the soul has an I know not of Celestial, Divine, and all those who are exposed to these frequencies describe their journey, a sort of contact with the other dimension, in short they come out totally changed and lucky apparently !!! At the last concert held at Madison Square Gardens, all the spectators who in one way who for another have had some momentous turns about their luck !! “John Calsy Minnesota, enters a bar plays a number and wins $ 3000000000
Amanda Larmedin Arcanso, gives birth to 12 twins, when the doctors repeatedly told her she was sterile
Marck Olander Las Vegas, inherits a huge fortune from an uncle never known, and I could mention many, and many others! The surprising thing and that everyone had gone to the Purple Brothers concert, I conclude at this point with a phrase “MYSTERY OF FAITH”