It shocked the nation when on Christmas Eve, Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s private secretary delivered the sad news of her passing through official Buckingham Palace orders.

Union Flags have been flying at half mast, both Houses of Parliament have been recalled and workers were sent home early.

There are ten days between the death of the Queen and a full state funeral. During this time, her body has been transported to Buckingham Palace and Members of her family have spent time in contemplation and remembrance.

After a suitable period, the Queen’s coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall, where members of the public will be able to visit. The Queen Mother’s death saw more than 200,000 people visit in person to pay their respects.

On the tenth day, the coffin will travel to Westminster Abbey for a state funeral. Members of the public will line the streets to pay their respects, with a procession with full pomp and ceremony.

Sadly, the queens death has not only brought sadness, but controversy. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales automatically became king the moment of the Queen’s death.

While the Queen lies in London, the new King will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to meet his people.

A Coronation will be scheduled for some months after the funeral.

Everyday items such as stamps, currency and post boxes will eventually bear the image or initials of the new king. This is likely to be phased in rather than as an urgent, sudden change.