Roblox User creates “Hysteria” Metal Sonic Rig without permision

Roblox User PRGTEster reportedly stole a Metal Sonic model from sonicboomandtails and rigged it, and it caused a major outcry from the staff of Roblox Development group, Draggyy & Friends.
We currently speculate he will make it into a full morph using the Free Rig morph kit leaked earlier, and that will be bad news for the original creator of the model style, BravenwolfTFS.
As it may encorage a wider amount of usage of the “Hysteria” style in models, which Braven actually dispises of. We do not know what the model thief will do next, but there was evidence that he’s going to leak properties of PRGSPY’s Duck Season RP.
This is Dohn Joe from Channel 23 News, signing off!