Romania is in Crippling Debt

Believe it or not, the famed country Romania has fallen into crippling debt due to all the money it has spent on Liquor over the past few years. However, there is a hope. P. Martin has offered a sum of 1 billion US Dollars to Romania on one condition: They officially become Slavs.
Romanians are finding this change hard to adapt to, as being slavs is not natural for many of them, however a certain few are used to the slav life. We speak to L. Ies to have a view of a slav, “hello” he says. ” I am a proud slav” we didn’t know how to respond to This, so we said “is your life hard?” to a reply of “That’s what your mom said last night” proving the sheer immaturity of Romanian Slavs.

On the topic of Romania, it is going to burn under Ajit Pai’s new Net Neutrality rules, as the crippling debt can’t stand up to the net neutrality rules.
Overall? Romania is screwed.