Sales of new Samir’s new book down

With only hours to go until the big game sales of Samir’s new book haven’t been what he expected. To date it’s been reported that only one book was sold. The sale occurred at a Cuba airport to a Canadian returning home. The purchaser who we will call Vito C. Said it was the full of nonsensical rambling and extremist Muslim preachings but for some reason very little about poker. This is the second book published by camel publication and Samir. The first book. Poker for dummy’s by dummy’s met with mixed reviews but ultimately sold 9 copies, although it is believed 7 were purchased as background props for a tv production.

Samir who climbed to fame after successfully rivering his friends an amazing 7,634 times straight over a 4 month period in 2014. Since then however his career has seen many problems. “Not only do I get hammered now but I waste extra gas money taking that nazi bender home after” Samir blabbed.

Tonight will be a key match up in determining if Samir will remain in retirement or make a comeback. Samir has claimed he is bringing $200 tonight but sources close to channel 23 have reported that he has been digging in his back yard all week leading us to believe it will be closer to $2000. Also expected tonight is Serafin “$20” Fernandez coming off his first win of the decade. Nad will be there pending permission as will Issa who is returning from a lunch in Australia. Sav is listed a probable after he disappeared 3 days ago last seen with Connor macgregors wife at a hotel. Listed as doubtful is domenic D’addio who is rumoured to have sighed the much anticipated listing for the CN tower which is expected to be sold, demolished and turned into a 24 room hipster boutique hotel. As for other players only time will tell. All we know is tonight will be an epic showdown and Fady will smoke too much prompting a possible double retirement tomorrow

Channel 23 news