Tai Hart and Kevin Hart’s Dirty Secret

Tai Hart and Kevin Hart are both related as ancestry proves this idea that they have the same surname for a reason. This has been shown and proven as a fact. But she is not related to Joe Hart a famous Goalkeeper, well, for now we don’t know. When they met, Kevin Hart took her in as one of his own. But, as he was showing off by driving fast in his new car, he crashed and was rolling down a hill at 70-100 miles per hour. Now if you have ever met Tai Hart you will know that there is a scar on her left eye, which would be her right eye to you. This scar was made when a tree branch went severely deep into her eye, but someone who was kind enough donated a new eye to her. She also was impaled by a large piece of metal in her right and left leg. Turns out you can’t trust your family too much now, Tai! This happened in 2016 on the 7th of June.
Kevin Hart on Twitter: “Doing press in Spain for Central Intelligence …
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If you copy all of that and paste it into your browser you will get when he went to do the Press for Spain for Central Intelligence. Tai Hart has been to Spain in 2012 but she tells nobody about when she went in 2016. Looks like your secret is out, Tai.
~Mandy Shrewley-Your newsreporter for today