Toilet paper puts corrupt officer away

The Caca Bandits in
Custody after a wild high speed chase…
Both Bandits former POLICE OFFICERS.

Witness described the
Events that took place
As comical .

One witness said in Spanish ” Eran dos un
Flako cuachalote sin
Nalgas Y un gordo
Nalgon BARBUDO que
Paresis a Santa clos ,
Salieron En Vergisa señor, con DOS CAJOTAS DE PAPEL DEL BAÑO….
Y pues se dieron a la fuga en un Toyota Gris
Con la policia detrás
De ellos”

It was later reveal that the two suspects WERE EX Calexico police Officers.  Police sources revealed the suspects stole toilet
Paper from their employer.  Upon being confronted by their Supervisors they fled the scene and led local police on a high speed chased with speeds in excess of
100 miles.  Police finally put an end to the chase after a police Vehicle rear ended  THE Toyota
In the City of FUNTUCKEY.

A witness at the scene said one of the suspects was crying
And screaming ” you don’t understand how hard it is to raised a family on one income while collecting SHIT,
CHALO YOU ASS HOLE ITS all your Fault ”
As they were led away in cuffs

Channel 23 NEWS