User on Discord put on trial accused of murdering other user

Discord user “valpal” has been accused of murdering another unknown Discord user. According to a mod on a server, they were using a bot called “Mantaro” when suddenly Val came in and stabbed the victim in the neck with a fork. The victim was still alive at this point, and tried to fight back with a gun they had and fired once, but missed. The accused supposedly got close to the victim so they couldn’t move, grabbed the gun and shot once. There were also bruises on the neck, which will require further investigation. Apparently, the accused has a connection to the victum, but no one can remember how. Her husband stated that she is innocent. He also stated that, “no one can remember how, when, or where the victim came from. He just appeared and gave us a letter that proved that he is related to us.” The accused’s trial will be held on December 29th, 2017.