Woman found selling ‘Fake fox-fur Vaginas’ from back of car…

Pearl Hughes Wells Montgomery III was in court today following her arrest last wednesday, when she was found outside a club in Durham selling fake Fox-Fur vaginas to students.
Pearl, 63 from Buckinghamshire claimed she was framed by ex-lover Stephen Fry, who was jealous of her sudden new-found fox-fur fame.
The craze for Fox fur vaginas began back in 2003, when the late Paris Hilton was found with four of them in her purse. Blaming her then loved Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films, she was let off with a caution not to use real fox fur, whereby she began experimenting with Gerbils, bought from her then loved Richard Gere.
Pearl Hughes Wallenby Hazenforth II has since been detained at her Majestys Pleasure, after selling one of the afore mention vaginas to former soap star Pam St. Clement who played Pat Butcher in Eastenders for over 132 years. Pam was actually working undercover at the time, and states that this practise must be stopped, before real vaginas go out of fashion completely.
A police aid today said that Pearl George Lazenby Bruce Willis VII did indeed get violent and abusive, telling Ms St.Clement that ‘your earrings on Eastenders were sh&^e’. thereby severely wounding Ms St. Clements heart.
The trial will begin again tomorrow.