Youtube Rising Star: XerionGaming

High School Student, Jason Cabrera, has set a world record of reaching 300.5k Subscribers on his YouTube Persona, Xerion, as opposed to others who have taken a lot of time in order to reach that Goal. We had an interview with Mr. Cabrera, in order to achieve our goal to find out how his content got so popular!

Interviewer: So how long have you been creating videos on your Youtube?

Xerion: I started when I just started playing on Xbox 360 with my Best Friend Jaheim when I was i 6th Grade. I loved it. I felt happy when I was recording and editing. I was in my Happy Place when I was editing. Putting all the sources together just made a sense of joy in me!

Interviewer: Have you ever regretted anything you have said or posted on your Channel?

Xerion: Yes but I tend to keep those things private or I state my apology in the next or current video.

Interviewer: Do you have a lot of experience with creating videos?

Xerion: Yea I have. I’ve been using an editing software called Sony Vegas Pro for about 4 years now.

Interviewer: Who do you currently record with on your Channel?

Xerion: I have a lot of people I record with. There’s the main ones which are Jaheim, Santana, and Samantha. Then there are some new people I started recording with like Chloe, Alex, Neon, and Turbs.

Interviewer: Are you happy with your new goal?

Xerion: Yes I am!

Interviewer: What’s your next goal?

Xerion: I personally feel like I’ve made it and I wanna strive for a bigger goal and purpose!

With all of the experience Jason “Xerion” has had with his Persona, we think he’ll be up and running for a very long time!