ACME weapons leaked

Another tech giant has fallen victim of an embarrassing data leak, this time the leading global designer of new lethal wapons: the ACME Corporation.

The incident exposed internal documents for electronic war, and other information, that has been stoled from the italian offices.

The unsecured ACME offices have been audited by CIA that privately reported to ACME Corporation on February 28th but the company do not solved the problem.

β€œThe U.S. Government can now reveal that ACME Corporation, one of the world’s largest weapon research firm, left their data in an unsecured state, exposing military secret, and other sensitive data exposed without the correct cyber security protections.”

β€œTaken together, the significance of the data leak is hard to overstate. In the hands of competent threat actors, these informations, could have exposed both ACME Corporation, the U.S. Government and the Italian Army to be target of attacks made with the new weapons that could lead to a new global war scenario.”