Adolf Hitler is alive and living in Argentina

New accounts of Adolf Hitler being alive have surfaced after a German immigrant with the name Herman Guntherberg claimed to be the Nazi leader. The 128 year old said that he came out of his 70 years of silence after the Israeli secret service ending their search for Nazi war criminals in 2016. Gutherberg claims that he entered the counrty with a forged passport in 1945 and created a new life for himself even marrying Angela Martinez.

The Nazi party has may connections to Latin America with many of the former party members fleeing there after the war. Along with the discovery of party members, and the Nazi leader himself a large number of Nazi memorabilia has been found in the country.

Latin America is not the only place to have connections to the Nazi party. The Russians have rediscovered a hidden Nazi bunker in the Arctic. This bunker was allegedly used as a base for scientists studying tactical meteorology. Our sources say that the bunker was full of Nazi war equipment, and the bunker might have been a point from which the Nazi’s could have invaded Northern countries. There is also evidence that the bunker was used after it’s “abandonment” date in 1945.

With the release of the Nazi bunker and the revelation that Adolf Hitler is still alive many are questioning how these secrets could have stayed buried for over 70 years.