Baldwinsville Police Officer Drug Busts Five Teenage Boys

At 5 p.m. on Friday, March 23rd, on his way home from work, Officer Knaul noticed a congregation of young boys in the parking lot behind Stewart’s Shops off of Smokey Hollow.

“I started to make my way over to them, and rolled my window down, when they started to scatter and run in different directions. After a few moments of chasing, I finally got them cornered with the help of several bystanders at the gas station. After some interrogating, I discovered that the boys had traces of cocaine,” said Officer Knaul on his encounter.

The five boys were 9th graders at Durgee Jr. High, later determined to have been in possession of about 3 grams of cocaine. Parents wished to not have names mentioned. Consequences are still yet to be determined by the school. More information to come by the end of the week.