Chris Brown’s Legal Team Mulls Defamation Suit

Earlier today there was an article that was circulating briefly regarding an alleged incident that took place at a home in Miami rented by Chris Brown. Brown was alleged to have been causing “ruckus” and neighbors complained of late night music, congested roads and inappropriate activity going on. One neighbor in particular tried to get to the bottom of it themselves and put out a news article, which was found to be fake, to get Brown to stop his antics. The local law enforcement was alerted when it became apparent that this was a scheme set up by a neighbor to just get Brown to stop. Sgt. Ben McCleod said, “it is very disturbing that someone would go this far to write a fake article just to get what they want.” The FBI is looking into the matter and has their eye on a specific group of people located in the New York area.
We will bring you more details as they become avaialble.