Colombia Plane Crash from 2016 reveals that something is NOT Human!

Yesterday something shocked took a peak. After a Couple of People found some Parts of that Plane, they were taken under Examination, revealing a Corpse that caught the Eyes of many Scientists. They took a Look at it, and realized that they haven’t listened to the Black Box Recording properly. They listened to the Black Box and at 2 Minutes in, the Box was “disturbed” by a mysterious “Song”. The Song revealed to be a Disstrack played Backwards. The disturbing found also revealed that the Lyrics (the Guy who was the first one who dissed his Friend in 2016 out of the 3 of them) were replaced to “Hannah Come Back”, however you could hardly it. We asked a Couple of Scientists to took the Recording under Investigation and one of them decided to speak: “Something or Someone was not Human.” Everyone was shocked to reveal the Truth. A couple more Scientists were sent to investigate the Plane on their own, when a 30000 Feet (9km) Worm/Cat/Mutant/Creature/Demon “exploded” out of the Plane and reached into the Sky. The Creature had no Gender, and was redrawn by a young Child. Scientists think that this was the Non-Human Creature that was in the Plane. Scientists also think that it was about 3 Inches (7,62cm) long, and it was hidden somewhere inside a Human, eating the Person from the inside out. After the Crash had happened, the “Worm Cat” had enough Time and Food to devour the Passengers, and grow throughout the 2 Years that have passed, since that Plane has crashed. The Creature was named “Nightcrawler”. As soon as it exploded out of the Plane, it immediately decided to reach out to one of the Scientists, by opening its Jaw, and falling to the Ground, Head-first into the Body, and pulling the Scientist into the Ground, then making Sounds that resemble a Demon and a Subway, while disappearing into the Ground. The Ground closed behind it as soon as it vanished. Scientists couldn’t open the Ground, because when they did, there was nothing there. Only Dirt. Nightcrawler was also labelled as “Tapeworm Cat” due to his Body shaped like a Tapeworm, and his Body “divided” by his Spine. The Creature could eradicate the World – Say many other Scientists, but that is not proven… lock your Doors, Windows, and everything else, and stay Home. We fear that you cannot go to Work or School for 4 Weeks… Please follow our Instructions carefully! Visit our Website for more Information. We will try our best to keep you updated!