Cross-Dressed Drug Dealer out on Bond

Atlanta (GA) – Police say John Stephens of Gwinnett County was arrested after police found a felony amount of synthetic marijuana in his car during a traffic stop. The police report obtained through F.O.I.A. noted that Stephens was initially thought to be a female due to his dress and wig, and that Stephens was also found in possession of Jenkem.
Stephens told authorities that he identifies as female, uses Jenkem recreationally, thought the synthetic marijuana was real, and purchased the drugs thinking it was real marijuana. Stephens claimed to have made his own jenkem and said he bought the drugs for an upcoming women’s march pre party on International Women’s Day. Stephens would supply the drugs for the women’s march.
Barakeesha O’neal of the Atlanta PD said the following in a post on the Departments Facebook page: “This man out here shot out from K2, wearing dresses, and sniffing Jenkem with kids around. What ta hell (sic) wrong with white people these days fam? Smdh.”
The community is said to have been outraged.
The photo provided was taken from Stephens’ Facebook which is said to have been taken down.
Stephens was released Monday after his early morning arraignment.
Stephens could face up to 4 years in prison for Synthetic weed with intent to distribute.
Jenkem is not illegal in the State of Georgia so he will not face any additional charges.
Stephens is due in court on April 20, 2018.