Dead Marine Found Dead After Being Shot With a BB Gun

Eric Caspian, 34 year old Marine Corporal, was found dead in his pool on Tuesday, March 27th 2018. Corporal Caspian was found by his wife, Elaine Caspian, and 9 year old daughter, Lindsey Caspian, after being shot multiple times with a BB Gun from some local teens, Bart Isbel and Diane Gord. The ME who arrived on the scene does not believe that to be the cause of death, however. He commented, “I mean, how could someone be killed with a BB Gun.”
Aside from being shot with a BB Gun, the investigators don’t believe there had been fowl play. His wife tells a different story, however. The investigators are going to continue their investigation, however, and the public will be notified once they know where the evidence leads. For now, they’ve barely started.