Government to BAN mobile phones!!

It has recently been reported that the government are likely to begin ‘banning’ mobile phones. This was first only targeting the use of the devices in public, due to the high amounts of unwanted photographs and videos of everyday people. Lord Mayor for the city of London, Sadiq Khan, comments on why the action is being taken. “It has become a simple occurrence for many young people between the age of 13-20 to take photographs out in public, yet these young people do not consider those who may be in the background of these photographs, and may not wish to be. Therefore, we see fit to take those privileges away, in public.”
It is said that the use of mobile phones in the security of our own homes will be accepted however, police are said to begin patrolling the streets, and confiscating the mobile phones which are on public display.

What are your views on this decision?
Considering it’s all bullshit and a joke lmao.