High School Students Arrested for Murdering Principal

Last night, the principle of East Wood High was found dead in the school parking lot. He had three large gashes on his chest, and died from extreme blood loss. Victims present at the crime scene claimed that they saw four of their classmates tailing the principle as he left campus, and were holding large metal pipes. They couldn’t identify which exact student it was due to the fact that it was very dark. Another victim, Alissa James, claimed in an interview that she ” heard her boyfriend and his fellow friends talking about killing the principle before hand and I just assumed that it was a joke and laughed it off. I now know how mistaken I was and that they truly weren’t kidding.” The motive behind this violent act has also been discovered. The principle had threatened to fail these students, who had all gotten athletic scholarships, if they did not manage to up their grades. The boys are now in custody at the local police station, and are to be set on trial in the upcoming weeks.