Man Arrested, Car Repo

Gwinnett (Ga) – Taylor Lacy was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of drug manufacturing, following the repossession of his car.
Lacy was also found sucking a transvestites dick.
Jethro Van Allen of Gwinnett Repo Co. was repossessing Lacy’s car when he noticed an awful stench. Van Allen found a stash of Jenkem in the trunk.
Authorities were quickly notified and they rushed to the scene. Lacy was found in bed, naked with a transvestite and Boy’s Life magazines.
Jethro Van Allen said the following, “I thought I shit myself when opened the door. I heard Jenkem a good high but this man ought to go to hell. Ruining lives.”
Police say they’re happy to have taken drugs off the street.
Lacy was released on bond Monday after his early-morning arraignment.
Lacy’s due in court April 8.