Mapp: I am going to win because young people don’t vote!

ST. CROIX – U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp admitted during a recent interview that he has a “100% chance” of winning the 2018 gubernatorial election because young Virgin Islanders don’t vote.

“These young people are a cantankerous bunch,” Mapp said. “They quite frankly don’t give a damn about politics so I can just rely on my loyalists to put me back in office no matter how much I screw over the people of the Virgin Islands.”

The Governor also encouraged all persons under the age of 40 to continue drinking rum, liming, having sex or whatever it is young Virgin Islanders do to forget about how poorly the Mapp administration has handled the recovery since hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the territory.

“Don’t worry about politics, my young Virgin Islanders,” Mapp said. “It’s an old people ting.”