Nicky and da boyz play b-ball in the hood… vs. Petie and the Jocks

One day, Nicky and the boys were writing in their diaries and finishing their math counts sheets. “Hey guys, let’s go and play B-ball with Petie and the jocks, said Big Boy Brennan. Little Treetrunkski was thrilled. “Yeah, we need to take it to those guys. I think Saucey Sawyer and Big Pete and Brett Campbell McConkey and Kodi and Carson are overrated. They only got 2nd at state this year.” Cole Treetrunkski ended up dunking on big Pete multiple times, and he even hit the game winning full court heave with Peter in his grill. Sam had 0 points and 0 assists, but had 7 huge blocks and 8 clutch steals. He even picked up 5 fouls, and fouled out of the game just seconds before Cole’s hero shot. Nick dished out 20 dimes, and Shiwa had 30 big boards. Cole had 101 points, breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s old record for points scored in a game. (100) Petie and the jocks took a major L, and went home and cried themselves to sleep. Then Nicky and the boys walked off into the sunset………and finished their math counts.