Peter Lattos gets beat up by Cole Treetrunkski

One day at West Salem Middle School, Peter Lattos took a major L. His quittich team went down 500-0 to a team led by Cole Trocinski. Cole nailed all 50 of his team’s goals. (Peter was the goalie) After the game, little Cole approached big Pete. “You know what, Peter? You suck!” Peter didn’t take the critism too lightly. “Cole!!!” Peter pinned Cole’s neck against the wall. You were cheating,” cried Pete. “Oh yeah, challenged Cole, what are you gonna do about it, you weak little idiot. “I hate you Cole Treetrunkski,” screamed Peter. Then, all of a sudden, swoll ol’ Cole got out of Peter’s big boy grasp. He picked up Peter, and slammed his head into a brick wall. Then Cole grabbed Pete by the ear, and took a bite. Cole tortured Peter for over 10 hours. At midnight, Cole let up. “I’ll let you go, if you promise not to ever call me Treetrunkski again,” said Cole. Then Peter went home and cried to his Mommy. THAT IS WHY YOU NEVER MESS WITH COLE TROCINSKI.