Peter Lattos the real suspect who tried to beat up Sawyer Hougom for not passing the ball.

One windy day at West Salem Middle School, Peter Lattos was at his game against Xavior. They were playing a athletic and physical game until it happened. Sawyer Hougom was just dribbling up the court when Peter Lattos (his own teammate) ran off the bench. He then confronted Sawyer Hougom and tried to throw out a punch. Sawyer who recently just finished his seventh year of boxing dodged the punch and put him in a hold so Peter could not hurt anyone else. What Sawyer didn’t realize is that Peter Lattos’s hand was still free. Peter then threw a punch and landed in on Sawyer’s chest. Sawyer who was surprised by the hit got knocked back by the blow. Audience members did not try to help for they feared they would get punched too. Now Sawyer Hougom got back up and used what he learned from boxing, he jabbed Peter Lattos in the gut, and then landed a solid hit on Peter’s jaw. Peter Lattos who was 12 at the time fell back and blacked out. It wasn’t till he woke up that he realized that he had been punched. After the blow the audience surrounded Sawyer Hougom who was 13 at the time, and thanked him for saving them from getting injured. One of their teammates Trae Athnos said,”It was a pretty intense fight. That was the most fun thing I’ve ever witnessed in this school.” Thank you Sawyer Hougom for saving the many audience members in those bleachers.