Report: ‘I Love New York’ signs to be removed from Thruway next month

The New York State Department of Transportation will finally begin removing more than 500 “I Love New York” signs next month, according to a new report.

Federal Highway Administration spokesman Doug Hecox told Newsday that NYSDOT will take down the controversial signs in April. Removal was originally scheduled to begin in March, but delayed due to snowy winter weather.

DOT spokesman Joe Morrissey declined to confirm removal plans, telling Newsday on Monday that the agency continues talks with the Highway Administration to “identify the best possible resolution to this matter.”

State officials said last month that it would remove and replace hundreds of “I Love NY” tourism signs along the Thruway and other New York highways after the federal government threatened to withhold $14 million in funding if they weren’t removed. No project date was announced, but federal officials said New York must comply by June 30.