Social networks a rampage and an avalanche of hypocrisy and malpractice, highlighting the worst vices of hypocrisy! The malpractice society! The corruption and the taking of farm malpractice and easy costumes are denounced to Ars, some of these names They are Vale Bono, Giusy Bono, Stefania Ruffo, Virginia Lauro, and many others! Hypocrisy and malpractice do not always reign unchallenged, very often the opposite happens! Who is the cause of his bad cry himself! Corruption is chosen as well as intellectual honesty should be chosen, the truth is always to be emerged! Another shame over social networks which is distinguished between hypocrisy malpractice sluts and dickheads, capitalism is the main cause of social injustice, inequality, ie capitalist pyramid, the most great evil forever! Of which divides the masses the peoples, banks masonry lit secret society government parties movements, middle class upper class, it’s all shit and goes all The social network with its millions of contacts is a shame shown! The real evil is comfort, wealth is corruption, capitalism, banks litonry lit government parties movements! Sicily siciliani, Italy! cricket fucking head! Rotshit is shit ! Sciacca a country of shit, like the wealthy! The Tao is seriousness, Mesrine the real gentleman! All the others head down! The boss of the leaders was one of the greatest hits, the slutty slut a success! Attitudes and behaviors wanted and perpetrated by indifference hypocrisy malpractice trojan, and an unbeknownst or known consequence, since corruption enters the soul! The rejection takes place when enter the indifference, feeling too important when you are nobody, when in the field comes comfort, hypocrisy malpractice and the corrupt point of view! There is one thing called for all this hell! Shame is in everyday life.